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Medical Bulletin

India - A study in health contrasts


From becoming a hub of medical tourism to having a sizeable population deprived of basic healthcare, from bulging bellies in urban areas to stunted growth among kids across rural belts -- the country remains a study in health contrasts. India now stands at the cross-roads of improving health indicators and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


India Emerges Hot Destination for Medical Tourism; More than 100 per cent jump likely in Kenyan Patients Opting for Treatment in India in 2011


With medical tourism picking up at a fast pace, the number of patients traveling from Kenya to India is expected to more than double to 50,000 during the current year, compared to the previous year as the cost of treatment in India is as low as a tenth of what is in Kenya.

''The real attraction to medical tourism is saving money on what normally are very costly procedures...the cost of surgery in India, kidney transplants, cancer treatments, among others, can be as low as just a tenth of what is in Kenya. Hon (Prof) P. Anyang Nyongo, Minister Of Medical Services of Kenya, said while addressing the 1st ever Indian Medical Tourism event, The IMTD 2011 Africa.


Medical tourism draws growing numbers of Americans to seek health care abroad


When my father had a toothache, he saw a dentist in Boston who recommended a root canal and dental crown costing about $2,000. He decided to wait until he was in India, his native land, for holidays and had the procedure done there for $200. Extremely satisfied with the service and the price, my mother decided to have her two front teeth replaced, eliminating a wide gap that tarnished her smile, and estimated she had saved $3,000.


The rising medical tourism


The term Medical Tourism is used to refer to the act of medical services or procedures that are being done through the traveling across the world and was initially coined by the travel agencies. This was actually started to make sure that people all around the world would be able to get quality healthcare. Throughout the world, the countries that have got the best healthcare facilities that are medicinal are Hungary, Mexico and Malaysia. Other countries also do provide this type of tourism, but the fact is that only certain countries do take care of the accommodation facilities for the tourism



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